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Finally, a book that will help every PreK-12 teacher, coach, librarian, special education teacher, and person who manages extracurricular activities be a better leader. Leadership Development for Educators was written by three authors who bring together over 30 years of experience in PreK-12 and higher education. The book contains listings and explanations of best practices of leadership that will guide teachers throughout America to become better leaders in their classrooms, in their lives, in their relations with parents, principals and school administrators, and the communities in which they live.

Teachers are leaders. They lead their students every day. Leadership is a core competency of teaching, but most teachers have never taken a rigorous leadership development course. This book includes both individual and group exercises and activities that teachers will find fun, instructive, and teachers will see how they will become better leaders quickly from reading this book and doing the exercises of the book.

The authors believe that helping PreK-12 teachers, coaches, and librarians all across America will help improve our public schools, our private schools, our charter schools, and help improve who teach their children at home. The book describes leadership theory so teachers can begin to master the art of leadership. The book gives stories from PreK-12 schools that demonstrate excellent leadership, and not-so-excellent leadership skills.

This book will take teachers on a journey through the FOUR LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP so relevant in our schools.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to improve educational outcomes, in the 21st century, through teacher, staff and principal professional development.”

Leadership Training For Educators

Training is now available based on our book for educators to become better leaders. The job of a teacher is a leadership job. Teachers develop plans for an entire school year. Teachers set goals and help others, their students, set goals. Teachers motivate students and are being held accountable for the results others, their students achieve, or fail to achieve. Teachers work with parents in a leadership capacity. Teachers work in organizations, schools, and seek to improve the school as well as their own ability to teach their subject matter. Teachers are responsible for extracurricular activities and serve as leaders and managers in those activities. In each one of these areas, and in many other areas, teachers serve in a leadership capacity. Now, there is training for teachers to become better leaders in their classrooms, in their interactions with their students, parents, and in working with other teachers and administrators to improve their school.

Training for teachers is now available in a classroom format and can provide continuing education credits for teacher recertification. In addition, in 2012 we will offer leadership training in a hybrid approach with classroom training combined with e-training that will allow our nonprofit organization, THE LEEEGH,, to reach as many of the 3.7 million PreK-12 teachers in the US.

For more information about your school, or school district, or State Department of Education, providing leadership training for teachers, please contact Herb Rubenstein, at 303.910.7961 or In addition, it is possible that a foundation in your area might be interested in funding this type of training for teachers. THE LEEEGH would be happy to participate with you, your school, your school district or State Department of Education in applying for foundation funding for this training.


The conference participants were excited and deeply motivated by the information you delivered to them. They were very enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive in their comments concerning the session…

Dr. Tyna D. Davis
Manager, Education Policy & Professional Practice, Alabama Education Association

1. Teachers have to be leaders immediately upon the start of school to maintain a classroom that is safe and effective for learning. I believe Leadership for Educators provides an extra set of tools for making this happen.

2. Our staff is required to do summer reading every year and I would like to submit Leadership Development for Educators your book as recommended reading.

An Elementary School Teacher in Virginia

My more than 30 years of teaching a wide variety of subjects to an extremely diverse collection of students have taught me that the single most valuable trait I can hope to instill in my students is self-confidence. In my experience, the most efficient way to build self-confidence is by teaching leadership skills. The authors of Leadership Development for Educators rightfully identify the crucial role leadership skills can play in effective teaching, and expose the sad reality that ...”

Betty J. Ross
Public School Teacher for the past 23 years

Leadership Development for Educators does a masterful job of providing a concise framework for educators to follow in their quest to provide each student a quality education. I have attended literally hundreds of meetings, many ending in complete chaos, addressing my three special needs children. I will never again engage in an "out of control" meeting. I now have a tool to present to the educational team thanks to this great book.

Sharon Edelen
Parent of three children with special needs

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