It is not Teachers VS. Principals:

Everyone in education has witnessed wars between teachers and principals.  Sometimes teachers are right.  Sometimes principals are right.  However, whenever a teacher and a principal go to war, the students and education in general, becomes the biggest loser.  We are now training teachers, and soon will be training, principals in leadership.  We show all educators when to collaborate and when to rely on an expert to deliver a technical solution to a problem best approached from the point of expertise, and not collaboration by nonexperts.  Teachers are leaders and if there is a principal who thinks that he or she can treat teachers as mere followers or order takers, and not as leaders in their own right, then this principal will be in for a rude awakening as our schools become more transparent.  In the future any teacher vs. principal battle will be fought out on the pages of facebook, the tweets of twitter, the videos of youtube, and the discussion groups of linked-in.  What used to happen outside of public view in schools will now become quite public, and wikileaks will not be to blame.  We train teachers and principals to treat each other as leaders and we believe the future of PreK-12 education depends on it.

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