Why Can’t Teachers Delegate?

Every time we train teachers in leadership, we find that teachers are not trained in the art of delegation.  Cynics might think that teachers are at the bottom of the totem pole in education and they have no one to  whom to delegate, but they are wrong.  There are many opportunities that teachers have to delegate, but they just don’t have the training or the leadership confidence to make the effort to delegate many of the tasks they do that could be done equally well by others who want to support teachers.  In our leadership training of teachers, we use a new phrase that we believe has never been used in education by a teacher. It is: Ask not what you can do for others. Ask what others can do for you so you can do more for others.  Teachers will always give back 100% of what they have to offer students, their school and education.  The more teachers can learn to invite others to help them, and manage them effectively, which are leadership skills, the better the teacher’s life will be and we believe the better student outcomes will be.

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